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The renovated face of the Anatolian Side now turns into the new heart of Abu Dhabi with its modern architecture, rich social facilities and easy means of transport. In Abu Dhabi’s new heart, with one side facing to green land and other side facing deep blue sea, there is a life project developed specificallyfor you

It has best view of Abu Dhabi and offer you a completely new experience of Abu Dhabi with a land area of 3,339 m², 192 houses and 15 commercial units.

Because you love to be at the heart of Abu Dhabi…You want to be close to life, be distant from noise,spend less time in traffic and more time with your friends and so you are looking for a place where you can find peace and comfort everywhere with stress completely away from your daily life. And be sure that you will find more than your expectations and dreams in here

Equipped with latest technology security and infrastructure systems, a peaceful and comfortable life awaits for you and your family

 All security features including 7/24 security and consulting service, floor surveillance cameras,steel doors with fingerprint check capability, fire alarm and prevention system are available for your utmost safety. You will also have an indoors parking area that will solve parking problem in the heart of Abu Dhabi and your vehicle will be safe and you will be safe.

Life will be more colourful and more entertaining here with cafés and restaurants that give you the chance to socialize without getting so far from your home,playground where your children will play games in the warm atmosphere of a neighborhood, sports area where you can play basketball, volleyball, football and tennis, swimming pool and sun-bath terrace.

A healthy life waits for you at the heart of Abu Dhabi. you will get rid of daily tiredness and live fresher every day as you will enjoy Spa, vapor room, Turkish bath, sauna, shock pool, resting room, squash, step, fitness and aerobics center.

The cafés, restaurants and shopping center in here are becoming the new center of attraction. Here,shopping and pleasure is designed specifically for you because you will have access to global brands without the need to travel a lot and you will spend a very nice time in the cafes and restaurants.

This project  provides an incredible chance for investment with its central commercial areas having a high customer potential both during day and nighttime. Find for your place as early as possible by choosing one of the limited commercial areas at the heart of Abu Dhabi and start earning from now.